Unless otherwise stated, doors will open at 7.00pm.

Full running times are usually available a few days before or on the day of the show.  Please check with the Box Office (023 8063 2601) or our Facebook (www.facebook.com/o2guildhallsouthampton) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/O2GuildhallS) pages at this time.


Our Premises Licence states that patrons may not bring food into the venue. You can purchase sweets/crisps and drinks from our bars. Lids to bottles are removed when purchased.


If and when it is safe to do so, our security staff set up a smoking area at the front of the building. Anyone who leaves the building via an alternative exit will not be allowed readmission. Anyone found smoking in the building will be ejected with no right of readmission.


There is no specific age restriction for the venue.  

However, some artistes will specifically request an age restriction.  In these cases, any age restriction will be clearly displayed on all advertising / websites / ticket lines.

Children aged under  1 do not require a ticket.


Please be aware that even when an event is sold out there is always a chance of extra tickets being released in advance of the show.  Unfortunately this is not guaranteed nor can we give timescales, but it is always advisable to keep checking with our official box office (023 8063 2601), even up to the day of the event.

We strongly advise patrons NOT to pay well over the face value of the ticket.  If you have any doubts about websites claiming to have tickets for sold out shows please contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau or the Office of Fair Trading.


If you believe you have lost an item in the venue please contact us after  1.00pm the following day (023 8063 2601) with a full description. Items of value (mobile phones, passports, credit cards) will be passed to Central Police Station if not claimed within 6 weeks. Other items - such as clothing, umbrellas, empty handbags - will be kept for six weeks.


We have had lots of enquiries about camera policy recently, but there is no absolute answer. The venue will allow small, non-professional cameras in (no Ipads or large tablets); however, the artist has the final say, so if they do not want any photography at all we have to comply with that. 


In the event that a show has to be cancelled due to inclement weather, illness or any other reason, your ticket agent will attempt to contact you if there is time to.  We will also post to our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Please check the Terms & Conditions of purchase.


We are not responsible for booking the acts and their supports.  Promoters and agents hire the venue for their acts.  If you are interested in a support slot, we suggest you contact promoters and/or agents directly. The White Book is a useful reference guide.